Romi Cupcea



Romi’s paintings over the years:

Romi Cupcea is a mostly self-taught artist born in Romania. In 2000, she left the computer industry to devote to her family and moved to Dallas, Texas. While she has been creating art in various forms throughout her life (tapestries, painting, jewelry, photography) she has been interested in raw expression, emotion and color; using interesting textures and layers of dynamic, bright colors, she creates images that vibrate with intense energy. Her work is collected in US, Canada and Romania.
Romi’s work has been exhibited in group exhibitions and festivals around Dallas and Fort Worth. Her favorite medium is acrylic.
She joined the ColorInMylife Art Group in Plano, Texas.

She recently got the 9th place in Painting Category and 10th in Overall category (out of 896 entries) at an Abstract Exhibit – Light Space Time online Gallery. You can visit the Events page to learn more about it.

You can find Romi’s Art’s blog: Life Colors- Daily Paintings

Her work is also posted on line:

You can contact her directly at

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