Group Projects

As with most activities, asking for feedback or advice on a painting in progress is both useful and productive. As part of our practice, we take this further and sometimes choose to work on the same painting.

Sometimes it’s about one of us salvaging a painting scrapped by another, like in the example below. Marta abandoned the painting and Malina chose to continue to work on it. The result is this painting in Marta’s private collection. By agreement, the painting is signed “MalinaT”.

Lonely Tree

Lonely Tree

At other times we deliberately take turns at contributing to the same painting. It can range from adding a few touches to another’s painting to making major contributions. See a few examples below.

Rodica started this piece with the background, as seen in the left image, and at some point decided this is collaboration material. Romi then took over and added more color… most of what you see in there, with the exception of the bright red beads and trails which Malina added. The image on the right shows the current version of the painting.

Historically speaking, the pair of paintings below was our first collaborative project. Too bad we did not take pictures of the different stages we went through! It was Malina’s & Romi’s diptych project!

We decided to donate these paintings for a fund raising event for Lafora’s foundation (, organized by our community.
You can find more details on Events page about this event.